Main stage

On this page, you’ll discover the amazing groups and productions that will grace the main stage during the FEATS weekend.

Actors Workout (Munich) — Dumb Waiter

Author: Harold Pinter

BSS (Brussels) — Mopsa and Dorcas Hit the Town

Author: Patrick Stephenson

EYT (Brussels) — Brainstorm

Authors: Ned Glasier, Emily Lim and Company Three

Het Homerostheater (The Hague) — Yellow Moon

Author: David Greig

LWTC (Lucerne) — Darlings, You Were Wonderful

Author: Derek Lomas

The Hamburg Players (Hamburg) — Mr Foot

Author: Michael Frayn

BATS (Antwerp) — Bouncers

Author: John Godber

ENTITY (Munich) — Wanda’s Visit

Author: Christopher Durang

FEST (Frankfurt) — The Madness of Lady Bright

Author: Landford Wilson

In Players International (Amsterdam) — The Panel

Author: Zinne Harris

The Bonn Players (Bonn) — Lucy In The Sky

Author: Tony Layton

Village Players (Lausanne) — Chekhov’s Gun

Author: Christopher Hemmens